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Morphology  n.  
(Biol.) That branch of biology which deals with the structure of animals and plants, treating of the forms of organs and describing their varieties, homologies, and metamorphoses. See Tectology, and Promorphology.
(Biol.) The form and structure of an organism.
(Linguistics) The branch of linguistics which studies the patterns by which words are formed from other words, including inflection, compounding, and derivation.
Specifically: The study of the patterns of inflection of words or word classes in any given language; the study of the patterns in which morphemes combine to form words, and the rules for combination; morphemics; as, the morphology of Spanish verbs; also, the inflection patterns themselves.

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"Morphology" Quotes from Famous Books

... No. 2974 is smaller than the other specimens, and probably is from a young individual. No. 3954 may have been fossilized at an earlier date than the other six jaws; however, it is comparable to them in size and morphology. Also present in the deposits are three limb bones of Cratogeomys castanops. One, a right humerus bearing L.A.C.M. (C.I.T.) No. 2982, is slightly larger than that of the pocket gophers living in the area now. Two tibias, L.A.C.M. (C.I.T.) ...
— Pleistocene Pocket Gophers From San Josecito Cave, Nuevo Leon, Mexico • Robert J. Russell

... the industry and ability of naturalists all over the world were occupied in working out in detail the structure and mode of life of living things on the basis of the Evolutionary philosophy. Nearly all the work on morphology and much of that on physiology since his time might be treated as a commentary on the works of Darwin. These volumes of Theophrastus give the same impression. They represent the remains—alas, almost the only biological remains—of a school working under the impulse of a ...
— The Legacy of Greece • Various

... was four thousand dollars per annum. Histology, morphology, and aetiology are whims too costly for impecunious students. Prince must reduce his ...
— At the Mercy of Tiberius • August Evans Wilson

... Invertebrate Zoology — an advanced course which omits all consideration of insects, and all discussion of parasitic forms. Vertebrate Zoology — mainly a course in comparative morphology, which gives no field knowledge of California vertebrates, the most essential thing for ...
— Adequate Preparation for the Teacher of Biological Sciences in Secondary Schools • James Daley McDonald

... after his return from Italy Goethe wrote nothing that is of much importance in the history of his literary life. He devoted himself largely to scientific studies in plant and animal morphology and the theory of color. His discovery of the intermaxillary bone in the human skull, and his theory that the lateral organs of a plant are but successive phases of the leaf, have given him an assured if modest place in ...
— The German Classics of The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, • Editor-in-Chief: Kuno Francke

... upon for facts is "Ontogeny," or embryology, the science of the development of the individual organism. Moreover, it derives a good deal of support from paleontology, or the science of fossil remains, and even more from comparative anatomy, or morphology. ...
— The Evolution of Man, V.1. • Ernst Haeckel

... morphology contains one quite obvious difference from those of his predecessors: he isolates the particles of the language as separate elements of the structure. While his effort is more or less carelessly maintained by the type setter, his attempt ...
— Diego Collado's Grammar of the Japanese Language • Diego Collado

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