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Syrinx   Listen
Syrinx  n.  (pl. syringes)  
(Mus.) A wind instrument made of reeds tied together; called also pandean pipes.
(Anat.) The lower larynx in birds. Note: In birds there are two laringes, an upper or true, but voiceless, larynx in the usual position behind the tongue, and a lower one, at or near the junction of the trachea and bronchi, which is the true organ of the voice.

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"Syrinx" Quotes from Famous Books

... consisted of a few chanted words, with a cadence and a long yodl. Sometimes the yodling was aided by what the Texan boys called "quills"—two or more pipes made of reed—cane (arundinaria macrosperma). This made a sort of limited syrinx, which gave wonderful softness and flute-like clearness to the prolonged tones of the voice, as it was breathed into them. The boy sang one of his saddest "calls." I looked quickly to see if Gov. Allen had noticed the melancholy words and mournful air. ...
— Southern Literature From 1579-1895 • Louise Manly

... washing it with the salt tears of desperate chances remained beautiful to him. From the narcissus-flowers growing on the marble ledges of Parnassus, where Apollo still weeps for the death of Hyacinth and Pan still mourns the vanishing of Syrinx, to the passion-flowers growing on the slopes of Calvary, he, this lover of eidola and images, worships the white feet of the bearers of dead beauty, and finds in the tears of all the lovers of all the lost a revivifying rain that even in ...
— Suspended Judgments - Essays on Books and Sensations • John Cowper Powys

... think I begin to understand the origin of all the mythological fables of the Greek antiquity," thoughtfully said the colonel; "the syrinx of Pan, his pipe of seven reeds, the fauns, the satyrs, and the lyre of Orpheus himself. The ancient Greeks knew little about harmony; and the rhythmical declamations of their dramas, which probably never reached the pathos of the simplest of modern recitals, could ...
— From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan • Helena Pretrovna Blavatsky

... West, Whose spired domes hold priceless stones, And censers' fumes lull sighs and moans As barriers dank, flee their fold, Betrayed by crystals on a crest That ride this kingdom's batter'd gnomes, A fitful syrinx stills all groans As chasms roar with devils' glee. Then fancies greet each goblin's eye, Each donga's depth and mount unsunned: A quire's rune, in onyx dress, And black-linkt harps with eyes that see Each blood-set jazel in a sky, Where heights eternal reign unstunned, ...
— Betelguese - A Trip Through Hell • Jean Louis de Esque

... hoar, Trip no more in twilight ranks, Though Erynanth your loss deplore, 100 A better soyl shall give ye thanks. From the stony Maenalus, Bring your Flocks, and live with us, Here ye shall have greater grace, To serve the Lady of this place. Though Syrinx your Pans Mistres were, Yet Syrinx well might wait on her. Such a rural Queen All Arcadia ...
— The Poetical Works of John Milton • John Milton

... Trevinesem" ("Letter to Rathbodum, Bishop of Treves"), there is mention of the instruments of music during the seventh and eighth centuries. They are the cithara and harp as the stringed instruments; musetts, syrinx and organ among the wind instruments; cymbals and drums, instruments of percussion. In the tenth century there was a methodical treatise upon music in dialogue form, published by Odon, abbot of Cluny, who died in this monastery November ...
— A Popular History of the Art of Music - From the Earliest Times Until the Present • W. S. B. Mathews

... nuptial song that raised[77] its strains on the Libyan reed, and with the dance-loving lyre, and the reedy syrinx, when o'er Pelion at the feast of the Gods the fair-haired muses, striking their feet with golden sandals against the ground, came to the wedding of Peleus, celebrating with melodious sounds Thetis, and the son of AEacus, on the mountains of the ...
— The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I. • Euripides

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