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Plant life   /plænt laɪf/   Listen
Plant life

(botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion.  Synonyms: flora, plant.

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"Plant life" Quotes from Famous Books

... wonderful man. He has succeeded in doing more than making two blades of grass grow where grew but one. Yearly, daily in fact, this wizard of plant life is playing tricks on old Mother Nature, transforming her vegetable children into different shapes and making them no longer recognizable in their original forms. Like the fairies in Irish mythology, this man steals away the plant ...
— Marvels of Modern Science • Paul Severing

... the myths of plant life may be noticed that curious species of exotic plants, commonly known as "sensitive plants," and which have generally attracted considerable interest from their irritability when touched. Shelley has immortalised this curious ...
— The Folk-lore of Plants • T. F. Thiselton-Dyer

Words linked to "Plant life" :   vegetation, amentiferous, myrmecophyte, flora, deciduous, neophyte, non-flowering plant, deaden, plantlet, epiphytotic, squamule, girdle, crop, threatened, escape, sedgy, monocarp, botanical medicine, micro-organism, anatropous, phytology, microflora, plant part, cap, campylotropous, hispid, propagate, tracheophyte, tenderizer, dicotyledonous, sporophyte, endemic, epiphyte, hood, garden plant, hygrophyte, fugaciousness, cespitose, alkaline-loving, gametophyte, houseplant, epiphytic plant, evergreen, cultivate, aerophyte, apocarpous, half-hardy, parasite, fugacity, floccose, coca, botany, autotroph, plant structure, ungregarious, autophytic plant, acid-loving, phytoplankton, holophyte, acrogen, accrete, wilding, carnivorous, tall-growing, syncarpous, tenderiser, vascular plant, monocotyledonous, inverted, phytotherapy, organism, bruise, herbal therapy, leggy, kingdom Plantae, perennial, circulation, annual, amphitropous, plant, plant kingdom, pappose, etiolated, microorganism, Plantae, nitrification, ornamental, pot plant, tender, caespitose, biennial, air plant, monocarpous plant, etiolate, monocarpic plant, amentaceous, tame, poisonous plant, photosynthesis, autotrophic organism, autophyte, alder blight, gregarious, tufted, rock plant, clustered, perennation, embryo, peroxidase, insectivorous, aquatic, naturalize, orthotropous, blanched, saprophytic, naturalise, being, cryptogam, endangered, apomict, domesticate

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