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Genus of climbing herbs of Old World and temperate North and South America: vetchling; wild pea.  Synonym: genus Lathyrus.

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"Lathyrus" Quotes from Famous Books

... the cultivated varieties)! *Tilia europaea! Pelargonium inquinans! Staphylea pinnata. Amorpha fruticosa. Pisum sativum! Lathyrus tuberosus. Vicia sp. Gleditschia sp. Ceratonia siliqua. Trifolium repens! Cassia marylandica. Mimosa Lophantha. Rosa centifolia. gallica. Begonia sp. Bellis perennis! Nicotiana sp. Goodenia ovata! Antirrhinum majus! Vinca rosea. Polygonum orientale. Aristolochia sipho? Codiaeum variegatum var.! ...
— Vegetable Teratology - An Account of the Principal Deviations from the Usual Construction of Plants • Maxwell T. Masters

... not heard of the great catastrophe which had brought the columns hurtling to the ground, due perhaps to the merciless greed of Ptolemy Lathyrus, or earthquake, or the well-known fact that temples, houses or plans built upon sand are bound to crumble; nor did she wot of the precariousness of the walls around her or the shifting propensities of ...
— The Hawk of Egypt • Joan Conquest

... lagenaria Lagerstroemia Indica land, handling larch larix species latania Lathyrus latifolius laurel, cherry laurel, great laurel, mountain laurel, true Laurus nobilis lavender lawn, making lawns, treatment leaf cuttings leatherwood leek Leiophyllum buxifolium lespedeza species lettuce lettuce disease Liatris spicata Libocedrus decurrens ...
— Manual of Gardening (Second Edition) • L. H. Bailey

Words linked to "Lathyrus" :   perennial pea, sweetpea, grass pea, earth-nut pea, spring vetchling, Tangier pea, heath pea, Lathyrus niger, subfamily Papilionoideae, tuberous vetch, Tangier peavine, Lathyrus tuberosus, spring vetch, flat pea, marsh pea, broad-leaved everlasting pea, black pea, Indian pea, Lathyrus splendens, sea pea, beach pea, Lathyrus nissolia, yellow vetchling, grass vetchling, rosid dicot genus, Lathyrus odoratus, grass vetch, Lathyrus palustris, vetchling, Lalthyrus tingitanus, Lathyrus hirsutus, earthnut pea, khesari, Lathyrus vernus, everlasting pea, narrow-leaved everlasting pea, Lathyrus japonicus, pride of California, meadow pea, Papilionoideae, sweet pea, common vetchling

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