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Suit of armour   /sut əv ˈɑrmər/   Listen
Suit of armour

Armor that protects the wearer's whole body.  Synonyms: body armor, body armour, cataphract, coat of mail, suit of armor.

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"Suit of armour" Quotes from Famous Books

... a right suit of armour; a sword, gold-hilted, apt for striking; no one that ever saw it ...
— Gods and Fighting Men • Lady I. A. Gregory

... through the gold curtain, had now returned, and was placing on a pedestal a small china figure of delicate workmanship. It was the figure of a warrior in a suit of armour advancing with raised spear upon an adversary. A thrill permeated Archie's frame. Parker had not been mistaken. This was undoubtedly the companion-figure to the redoubtable Pongo. The two were identical. Even from where he sat Archie could detect on the features ...
— Indiscretions of Archie • P. G. Wodehouse

... they were amazed at His Highness desiring to surrender, in pursuance of the advice of men who had never donned a suit of armour for the sake of experiencing the trouble it would involve, a place so commodious and important {120} as Goa, which had been acquired at the cost ...
— Rulers of India: Albuquerque • Henry Morse Stephens

... "The halberdier. I never noticed him particularly. I remember he thought he was only a suit of armour. ...
— Roads of Destiny • O. Henry

... he. "Just because a man happens to be spotted. If my regiment got its deserts, every Jack man would walk about in a suit of armour made of Victoria Crosses. Give me some ...
— The Red Planet • William J. Locke

... have dismissed all his former companions, and devoted himself to God. For his military belt, he tied a rope about his waist; instead of fine linen he put on haircloth. And it is recorded of him, that the massive suit of armour which he had been used to wear in battle, to protect him against the arrows and spears and axes of the enemy, he put on now and wore as a defence against the wiles and assaults of the devil—and wore it till it rusted away ...
— The Old Helmet, Volume I • Susan Warner

... he, with a gesture including his frock coat and patent leather boots. "For gossamer comfort give me a suit of armour. At any rate ...
— Jaffery • William J. Locke

... the dress of Rawleigh. But I have some important additions; for I find that Rawleigh's shoes on great court days were so gorgeously covered with precious stones, as to have exceeded the value of six thousand six hundred pounds: and that he had a suit of armour of solid silver, with sword and belt blazing with diamonds, rubies, and pearls, whose value was not so easily calculated. Rawleigh had no patrimonial inheritance; at this moment he had on his back a good portion of a Spanish galleon, and the profits of a monopoly of trade ...
— Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 3 (of 3) • Isaac D'Israeli

... inquired who this chief was, and was informed that his name was Shungie, one of the two chiefs who had been at England, and had been presented to many of the nobility there, from whom he received many valuable presents; among others, a double-barrelled gun and a suit of armour, which he has since worn in many battles. His reason, they told me, for killing the slave, who was one belonging to himself, was that he had stolen the suit of armour, and was running away with it to the enemy, when he was ...
— John Rutherford, the White Chief • George Lillie Craik

... their caps. To them succeed the grooms in mandilions, or loose sleeveless jackets, leading the Marquis's charger, which is to run in the lists—a beautiful dark bay jennet—trapped with green velvet, sewn with pearls, and pounced with gold. Next comes Buckingham himself, in a magnificent suit of armour, engraved and damaskeened with gold, with an aigret of orange feathers nodding on his casque. Thus apparelled, it is impossible to imagine a nobler or more chivalrous figure than he presents. Though completely ...
— The Star-Chamber, Volume 2 - An Historical Romance • W. Harrison Ainsworth

... Immense tears were rolling down his cheeks, and he was vainly endeavouring to conceal his grief by applying to his eyes a blue cotton pocket-handkerchief with white spots,—an article not strictly in keeping with a suit of armour some three hundred ...
— Sketches by Boz - illustrative of everyday life and every-day people • Charles Dickens

... Italian Enamelled Crozier, 14th Century Wrought Iron Hinge, Frankfort Biscornette's Doors at Paris Wrought Iron from the Bargello, Florence Moorish Keys, Seville Armour. Showing Mail Developing into Plate Damascened Helmet Moorish Sword Enamelled Suit of Armour Brunelleschi's Competitive Panel Ghiberti's Competitive Panel Font at Hildesheim, 12th Century Portrait Statuette of Peter Vischer A Copper "Curfew" Sanctuary Knocker, Durham Cathedral Anglo-Saxon Crucifix of Lead Detail, Bayeux Tapestry Flemish ...
— Arts and Crafts in the Middle Ages • Julia De Wolf Addison

... my stay there as pleasant to me as possible, I could not help being conscious of its presence, although it might not be annoying me at the time. At length, somewhat weary of uninterrupted pleasure, and nowise strengthened thereby, either in body or mind, I put on a splendid suit of armour of steel inlaid with silver, which the old king had given me, and, mounting the horse on which it had been brought to me, took my leave of the palace, to visit the distant city in which the lady dwelt, ...
— Phantastes - A Faerie Romance for Men and Women • George MacDonald

... be fit," said Pistias, "otherwise they would be of no use." "But do you not know," replied Socrates, "that some bodies are well-shaped and others not?" "I know it well." "How, then," continued Socrates, "can you make a well-shaped suit of armour for an ill- shaped body?" "It will be sufficient if they are fit for him," answered Pistias; "for what is fit is well made." "You are of opinion, then," added Socrates, "that one cannot judge whether a thing be well made, considering it merely in itself, but in ...
— The Memorable Thoughts of Socrates • Xenophon

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