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Wild flower   /waɪld flˈaʊər/   Listen
Wild flower

Wild or uncultivated flowering plant.  Synonym: wildflower.

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"Wild flower" Quotes from Famous Books

... and son was over they went into the house where Mrs. Fogel introduced her Indian friend, remarking as she did so that she was a rare and exquisite wild flower of the plains. Consternation and surprise chased themselves over Mrs. Fogel's features when she, turning, beheld her protege pressed upon her son's breast. With eyes ablaze with happy lights he led her to his mother, ...
— The Second William Penn - A true account of incidents that happened along the - old Santa Fe Trail • William H. Ryus

... vault of his ivory roofs; here, arch upon arch, pillar on pillar, glittered to the world the golden palace of its master,—the Golden House of Nero. How the lizard watches us with his bright, timorous eye! We disturb his reign. Gather that wild flower: the Golden House is vanished, but the wild flower may have kin to those which the stranger's hand scattered over the tyrant's grave; see, over this soil, the grave of Rome, Nature strews the ...
— Zanoni • Edward Bulwer Lytton

... elegance of the model disappears, and gives place to an almost childlike and yet captivating sincerity. The story of the misfortunes of Orpheus, written by Boethius in a very pretentious style, has in Alfred's translation a charm of its own, the charm of the wild flower. ...
— A Literary History of the English People - From the Origins to the Renaissance • Jean Jules Jusserand

Words linked to "Wild flower" :   flameflower, Eriophyllum wallacei, fleabane, Penstemon rydbergii, Lewisia cotyledon, wildflower, ragwort, prairie star, brittlebush, Calyptridium umbellatum, Sarcodes sanguinea, Whipple's penstemon, Daucus carota, Parry's penstemon, meadow rue, purple chinese houses, Collinsia verna, white-rayed mule's ears, Machaeranthera bigelovii, gaillardia, prairie golden aster, tulip gentian, Arnica cordifolia, Penstemon fruticosus, Hymenoxys acaulis, wilding, Eustoma grandiflorum, Collinsia heterophylla, blackfoot daisy, false alumroot, Wyethia helianthoides, maiden blue-eyed Mary, engelmannia, Melampodium leucanthum, tansy leaf aster, golden aster, Ranunculus glaberrimus, angiosperm, fringe cups, Penstemon deustus, Allionia incarnata, narrow-leaf penstemon, Penstemon centranthifolius, stemless hymenoxys, false miterwort, edelweiss, Lewisia rediviva, butterweed, flame flower, hairy golden aster, Calandrinia ciliata, Arnica montana, coast boykinia, brittle bush, fringed grass of Parnassus, Madia elegans, shrubby penstemon, hawkbit, innocense, rock penstemon, goldenbush, Machaeranthera tortifoloia, goldenrod, Chrysopsis villosa, red maids, pussy-paws, Stenotus acaulis, Tiarella unifoliata, kitten-tails, alpine hulsea, balloon flower, blue-eyed Mary, cliff penstemon, Platte River penstemon, scarlet bugler, hawk's-beards, Penstemon davidsonii, Tanacetum douglasii, goldfields, Penstemon newberryi, Penstemon serrulatus, coneflower, mule's ears, cascade penstemon, false chamomile, Leucogenes leontopodium, gay-feather, old man of the mountain, shepherd's clock, Queen Anne's lace, Tragopogon dubius, arrowleaf groundsel, Boykinia elata, sagebrush buttercup, Senecio bigelovii, Penstemon rupicola, leatherleaf saxifrage, dwarf daisy, oxeye, Senecio triangularis, painted cup, redmaids, common tarweed, Antheropeas wallacei, meadow salsify, Penstemon linarioides, Lithophragma parviflorum, Rydberg's penstemon, trailing windmills, nodding groundsel, pinesap, Hulsea nana, alpine sunflower, Penstemon cyananthus, snakeroot, snow plant, Jones' penstemon, flowering plant, flame-flower, tahoka daisy, siskiyou lewisia, woolly daisy, Tellima grandiflora, bitterroot, trailing four o'clock, Spraguea umbellatum, Penstemon barbatus, Hulsea algida, Penstemon parryi, Penstemon dolius, scented penstemon, Tetraneuris acaulis, wild carrot, pussy-paw, hawk's-beard, alpine gold, Tetraneuris grandiflora, Machaeranthera tanacetifolia, Talinum aurantiacum, Wyethia amplexicaulis, Monotropa hypopithys, stemless golden weed, gayfeather, prairie gentian, Tragopogon pratensis, Senecio glabellus, yellow salsify, Mojave aster, golden-beard penstemon, Penstemon whippleanus, Enceliopsis nudicaulis, northern dune tansy, Collinsia bicolor, false mitrewort, Indian pipe, Collinsia parviflora, Indian paintbrush, button snakeroot, woolly sunflower, goatsbeard, false beachdrops, Davidson's penstemon, waxflower, Leontopodium alpinum, sand verbena, Parnassia fimbriata, pasqueflower, Heterotheca villosa, Leptarrhena pyrolifolia, Hymenoxys grandiflora, bluebell, Gerea canescens, common madia, desert sunflower, Encelia farinosa, pasque flower, heliopsis, heartleaf arnica, Boykinia occidentalis, pussy's-paw, incienso, dwarf hulsea, mountain pride, Monotropa uniflora, Lasthenia chrysostoma, sunray, blazing star, sticky aster, hot-rock penstemon, Haplopappus acaulis, lowbush penstemon, Penstemon palmeri, north island edelweiss

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